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Nancy Dering Mock works with leaders to create and sustain successful organizations by:

Charting the Future by:

• Engaging people to explore ideas, opportunities, and possibilities

• Guiding people in discerning and crafting strategy

• Plotting and pursuing agreed upon courses of action

Challenging Leaders to:

• Be shapers of what might be

• Act courageously on what matters

• Inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more

• Leave an enduring legacy

Creating Change for the Better by:

• Conceiving the desired change in culture, structure, or systems

• Interpreting situations incisively and untangling complexity

• Blueprinting the process for closing the gap

• Buoying individuals and organizations through the change

Fully Leveraging Human Capital by:

• Tailoring approaches to each unique culture and operation

• Attracting and engaging talent and investing in people by design

• Maximizing organization, team and individual performance


Myers-Briggs Certification

Nancy Dering Mock has been certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment for over 20 years.


This assessment has over 50 years of solid research behind it and has been used successfully by millions of people and organizations throughout the world to help improve communication and team work and develop leaders.


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Phone (717) 579-1004

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